Mar 302012

After an unrestful night on the sleeper train, Mike and I opted for the day time train from Pingyao to Beijing. You take the slow train from Pingyao to Taiyuan (17 RMB) which takes 2 hours and then transfer at Taiyuan to the high speed train to Beijing which takes 3 hours. This is much faster than the regular sleeper train which takes 12 hours!
There is such a big difference between the slow and fast trains. On the regular slow trains, it’s packed and they also sell standing room tickets. So even though Mike and I had seats, we had people hovering over us the whole time and there’s trash all over the floor. The conductor was nice and directed us through the crowds to our seats and had to kick people out of our seats who apparently missed their stop.
The high speed train is extremely modern and nice, no standing room seats here! We watched a rented movie on my iPad pass the time, and we were there in no time.
No more trains for a while–next up is the last city on the China tour: Beijing!

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