Apr 212013

Last night Mike and I met two other couples at Little Sheep Hot Pot on Ngong Rd.  It’s just west of Adams Arcade, Green House.  Little Sheep is a restaurant chain in China and has quite a few locations in the US too.  My mom and I went to the one in Beijing in 2008.  It’s debatable whether or not the one in Nairobi is an official chain or if they just took the logo and name. 😉  The restaurant is literally in someone’s house that was converted, so the dining tables are in 3 different rooms, complete with floral wallpaper and paper lanterns and decorative fans hanging.

There were the classic two broths, chicken herbal and spicy.  Sometimes the spicy broth is way too hot for me with the Sichuan peppercorns, but last night it wasn’t too bad–just right!  I ended up using the spicy broth the most.

Our Meat and Vegetables Cooking in the Herbal Broth and Hot and Spicy Broth

Our Meat and Vegetables Cooking in the Herbal Broth and Hot and Spicy Broth

With 6 people, we got to order a bunch of different plates: thinly sliced lamb and beef, lotus root, two different types of noodles, seaweed, dong tofu, shitake, tofu skin and sheets, dumplings, and fish balls.  And believe me, we ate it all!  Our heat plate wasn’t working and then we blew a fuse, so they had to replace it.  There was a lot of fiddling with the outlet and the extension cord under Mike’s seat.  So it took a while to get it boiling so we were hungry by the time we could eat the food.  The good was great–I’ve really missed hot pot!  Reminds me of when we were in China and we had it all the time there.  I think that’s where Mike got sick of hot pot. 😉

The owners of the restaurant are really nice.  They’re from China (we think Jiangsu province?) and apparently they’ve been in Africa for 10-15 years.  She was really cute, coming over and speaking Chinese to us and saying “I like to listen in on your table since you speak such good English!” (there were 3 Chinese speakers are our table).  There’s quite a large Chinese population here; I think someone told me 30,000 Chinese in Nairobi?!  So quite cool that you get the “real” Chinese food in Nairobi, not American Chinese food.  Funny, huh?

For dessert, we topped it off with sweet sesame soup dumplings (tang yuan).  Yum!  Hope we go back soon.

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot - Thumbs Up!

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot – Thumbs Up!

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Feb 042013

One of the first trips I did when I got back in January was to Accra, Ghana.  The flight is about 5.5-6 hours from Nairobi—quite a distance!  I had a 3 day business trip where I was going to run a digital workshop there.  I didn’t have much of a chance to sightsee since I was rushing home to make it back to celebrate my birthday with my hubby.  Accra is like a more developed version of Dar I would say.  What was hilarious was I found out One Direction was in Accra the same days as me because in the digital workshop I decided to see what was trending on #ghana.  Ha!

Sunrise from My Hotel Window

Sunrise from My Hotel Window

I did get to see a little bit of Accra one night when a coworker was nice enough to take me out.  Accra is much more like Dar, with its hot humid weather and its along the coast.  I didn’t get to see the beach during the day, but I heard it’s pretty nice.  My coworker took me to a Chinese restaurant (because I’m Chinese?) on Oxford Street which is a busy, happening street downtown.  The food was okay but I suspect we didn’t order what the Chinese people order when they eat there. =)  Then we went to Tawale, which is a reggae beach bar right on the sand.  The reggae was LOUD.  Wow, I could not hear a thing.  But for a Wednesday night, there were a decent number of people out.

The thing I loved most about Ghana was the food!!!  Wow, it was so good and this is just me having the food that was provided at lunch at our workshop.  It was spicy and had so much flavor.  One day we had spicy goat light soup.  They call their clear broth soups “light” versus the thicker groundnut soups.  I actually thought it was beef at first, the goat didn’t taste gamey at all and was really tender.    A lot of dishes are accompanied by banku, which is fermented corn and cassava dough and tastes like sourdough.  The maize version here in Nairobi is called ugali but doesn’t really have much of a flavor.  I really loved the banku.  A great combination with the spicy dishes.  Then there was spicy mushrooms and yam leaves.  I must get the recipes from my coworkers there and I’ll be sure to share them here!

Spicy Chicken Stew with Rice

Spicy Chicken Stew with Rice

All in all, I really loved Accra and hopefully next time Mike and I can go visit together and for longer.

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May 062012

The food in Ko Lanta is largely tourist focused, so everywhere we’ve eaten has been good and decent, but not amazing.  Krua Kritsana was recommended to us by our divemaster and it’s a 5 minute drive north of our hotel.  The first time we went, we took a nice walk along the beach to get there.  Mike saw a big crab on the sand and couldn’t resist finding a stick and poking it, poor thing! (He does the same thing with stranded jellyfish on the sand).  Boys will be boys.

Poor Crab

We’ve eaten at Krua Kritsana twice because there is one dish there that keeps us coming back.  The crispy pork laab salad!  The flavors are so perfect.  It’s minced pork fried up and tossed with lime, cilantro, shallots, garlic, fish sauce, chili pepper, and green onions.  So amazing.

Delicious Pork Laab Salad

We also got a few curries there that were also tasty.  Highly recommended!

Red Seafood Curry



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