Jun 292013

The best part of our Diani weekend probably includes our best meal in Kenya so far–yes, I said it!  Best meal in Kenya so far.  We went to Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant on Saturday night, which is a famous restaurant in Diani literally set inside a coral cave.  We were tipped off by our diving buddies earlier in the day that we should make reservations (they were also going that night for the second night in a row) so we did that as soon as we got back from diving.  The restaurant will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel which is really nice.

We had no idea what to expect when we arrived, but it was even more beautiful than I imagined.  When you think coral cave, you think dark and maybe a little…damp?  Well they have decorated the place amazingly, and it was very warmly lit with a huge opening at the top so you can see the stars.  Very very romantic.

Beautiful Coral Cave

Beautiful Coral Cave

We started with a great wine from Simonsig, one of our favorite South Africa wineries.  We had visited Simonsig during our 3 month stint in Cape Town during business school and it’s still just as fantastic.  Sometimes it’s hard to get really good wine in Nairobi, even at the nice restaurants.  Mike had prawns in this to-die-for sauce and I got the grilled lobster.  So so good.  I was thinking to myself maybe the trip to Diani is worth it just for this meal!



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Feb 052013

My 31st birthday in Nairobi was a mellow one.  A bit different from my usual karaoke birthday nights in NYC!  I was missing having my friends with me and tired from travel that week.  But Mike as usual was a sweetheart and planned a nice dinner out for me.  He did some research and we went to a fancy seafood restaurant called Seven in ABC Plaza off of Waiyaki Way.  The décor is really sophisticated and modern; the ambience was fantastic!  There was a bar off to the side that looked like it was lively and fun too.  We started with oysters…a risk since we weren’t sure of the quality.  But they turned out to be really fresh and tasty!  Would definitely order again.  Then we heard the lobster “cappuccino” was really good, so we gave that a try too.  Was a solid lobster bisque.

Fancy Dinner at Seven

Fancy Dinner at Seven

Mike decided to get the fresh fish of the day and opted for parrotfish.  Now, we’ve seen these many times snorkeling—they’re the really rainbow colorful ones.  But we had never seen it on a menu.  Mike said he wanted to try it just so next time he went snorkeling he could say “haha, I ate you!”  Silly. =)  But you know, we think there is probably a good reason you never see it on menus…because it didn’t have much flavor.  Ha!  The restaurant drowned it in a smoky sweet sauce which got overwhelming, but at least presentation was impressive?

There's a Reason Why You Don't See Parrotfish on Menus Very Often...

There’s a Reason Why You Don’t See Parrotfish on Menus Very Often…

I got the fish kiev, which was fish stuffed with shrimp over some greens.  Was good but nothing to write home about.  I think we are both really spoiled after New York.  Will have to reset our food expectations here.  But the ambience was great and I think we both would come back and maybe try some different dishes.  We saw a lot of people ordering mussels and shellfish so maybe that’s the way to go.

So, another year older, and what a year 30 was—leaving NYC, traveling throughout Asia, and then moving to Africa.  Not for the faint-hearted.  31 I know will be more of this adventure and I can’t wait until Nairobi starts to feel like home.

Jun 182012

There’s no shortage of beachfront seafood barbeques on Gili T, so we decided to try Fortuna Café near our hotel one night.  They have live music every night, but it’s really funny since they specialize in female power ballads—not quite what you think of as beachside genre live music.

Anyhow, there’s a display of all the fish out front and you pick the one you want for dinner.  We settled on the barracuda since those looked really fresh.

Big, Clear Eyes = Fresh Fish

After a few songs of Kelly Clarkson and Faith Hill, out came our fish!  It was done perfectly and was really good.  Tender and grilled with just some garlic, butter, and lime.

Grilled Barracuda

For some reason, there are stray cats all over Gili T, so as we were finishing up, sure enough, a cat started mewing at our table for some fish.  Sorry, we ate it all!

Apr 302012

Saturday night in Bangkok, Mike and I felt like getting some seafood, so we looked up reviews on Tripadvisor and found Samboon Seafood, which has several branches in Bangkok.  We went to the one on Surawong since it was closest to our hotel.

We got there and it was packed with Thais!  Good sign number 1.  Only a 5 minute wait and then we sat on the second floor, this place was huge—3 stories!  Samboon Seafood is known for their fried curry crab, so we ordered a small portion of the crab and a sea bass steamed with chili, lime, and garlic.

Fried Curry Crab

The fried curry crab was delicious though not what we expected at all.  It was less of a curry and more of an extremely rich crab egg sauce, not spicy at all.  Mike was eating it by the spoonful but it was too rich for me!  The guy at the table next to us told our waiter to crack some shells for us after he saw us struggling with eating the crab, haha.

Remains of our Poor Sea Bass

The steamed fish was good, but pretty mild.  We struggled between eating the fish before it got too overcooked in the platter, or letting it soak in the sauce for more flavor.

Thai Iced Coffee

Mike finished with some Thai iced coffee which was delicious.  So, all in all, it was good, but I think we probably would order something other than the fish if we came back.  There was a prawns with glass noodles dish that we had our eye on that looked good.




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