Nov 012012

I know you are wanting to hear more about Dar, but I couldn’t help but share these photos from when we were in Big Sur.  I had been dying to see McWay Falls forever and my sis highly recommended it after she did her Hwy 1 trip last year.  After we set up camp at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, we decided to go for a drive to find McWay Falls since we figured the view would be nicer right before sunset.  If went the next morning on the way down, there was a chance we could run into fog.  The stopping point for McWay Falls is near the southern end of Big Sur, so it was actually quite a bit farther than we thought.  The roads are pretty windy so be careful driving at night.  The nice thing about going late in the afternoon is that most likely everyone there is staying in Big Sur, so it’s not as crowded since you don’t have all the drive through tourists.

When we got there, the light was beautiful and just right.  It’s a short path to the viewing platform.  We also went the other way, where there are two beautiful campsites, but you can’t see the falls from that side.  Those two campsites fill up so quickly but how amazing would it be to camp cliff side with the amazing Pacific Ocean view??  Mental note: one day we will book it.

And here is McWay Falls in all its glory:

McWay Falls: Amazing Waterfall Into the Ocean

I love the pink flowers on the cliff-side in the foreground.  The views driving down Hwy 1 are pretty amazing and it’s definitely worth taking a couple of days to spread it out and take your time.  It felt rushed trying to drive from Big Sur to LA in one day.  We managed to stop a few times and take in the views though and they were breathtaking.

Famous Big Sur Bixby Bridge, opened in 1932

Big Sur Viewpoint

Closer to Morro Bay, we stopped at the Elephant Seal Preserve.  There they were, all just sunbathing on the beach!  Too cute.  We did see some male lions get into a bit of a tussle, where they rear their heads back and make honking noises.  Reminded me of the penguin preserve in Cape Town.

Sunbathing Elephant Seals

Dueling Male Elephant Seals

We got back to LA pretty late and very tired, but well worth all the amazing scenery.