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A couple of months ago, my friend Neish recommended a yoga online class site called YogaGlo to me so I could still practice here if there were no classes.  In Dar there were plenty of classes that I went to when I wasn’t working.  In Nairobi there are some classes, but because traffic here is so bad you are really limited to what classes are super close to you.  There is one that I can make on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.  But when the schedule doesn’t work out, I’ve signed up for YogaGlo so I can watch video lessons in my apartment.

Hooray for Online Yoga Classes

Hooray for Online Yoga Classes

My Internet speed is a little iffy so I do have to hard wire into the router versus using Wifi.  But I took a class this morning before working from home today and it was just what I needed.  We’ve just gotten back from 2 weeks in Dar.  Both Mike and I had work in Dar so it worked out nicely to come down here while elections were playing out in Kenya.  There turned out to be not too much violence but both of our companies had advised us to leave the country.

Work is still pretty stressful and I’m finding it hard to have work-life balance.  I’m often sending emails at 11pm and working on the weekend.  Gasp!  I’ve become that person that sends annoying emails at horrible hours to stress out my agency.  😉

But the morning yoga today helped me center myself and relax — I really should be waking up early every morning to do it.  Just can’t bring myself to wake up at 6am…

I saw this painting in one of my favorite stores in Dar, the Green Room.  I love the conflict between the anchor imagery and “Lost at Sea.”  Sometimes I feel like this!  Totally lost but desperately trying to stay anchored.  The photo reminded me of my friend Erin, since the anchor is kind of her symbol.  Her blog has been keeping me sane over here while I’m feeling crazy.  Great inspirational posts–you should definitely check it out!

Stay Anchored...or not?

Stay Anchored…or not?

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