Jun 242012

Our last night in Sanur, we went to check out Pregina Warung which got high reviews on TripAdvisor.  They are known for the crispy duck, so naturally we ordered the duck and also some chicken in an Indonesian red sauce called madadonese.  The duck was certainly crispy but we think Peking duck still wins over this one.  The madadonese chicken was tasty but I’m still thinking about the amazing chicken we had in Labuanbajo at Pesona!

Crispy Duck – Bebeh Becil

Chicken in a Red Madadonese Sauce

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Jun 242012

Bali is known for its roast suckling pig, known as babi guling.  Ibu Oka in Ubud was made famous by Anthony Bourdain when he visited is for No Reservations Indonesia, so we’ll be sure to check that out in Ubud.  But there is also a decently well known babi guling place in Sanur, just a 5 minute drive from our hotel.  We hopped on a bemo and told him to take us to McDonald’s (we knew it was across the street).  We couldn’t find Warung Babi Guling (warung means restaurant) at first and when we asked someone where it was, they didn’t really know.  Oh no—hopefully this isn’t one of our fruitless food searches.  I could tell Mike was getting suspicious already—I always drag him on food hunts and they don’t always work out haha.  Luckily the next person we asked knew where it was and we found it!

We Found It!

Always a good sign that it is frequented by locals.  We got two of the babi guling plates and some fruit drinks that we saw everyone drinking.  Still not sure what was in it, but it tasted like orange juice with palm sugar?  It had a strange sugary aftertaste that we couldn’t place.

Orange Juice with Palm Sugar?

The babi guling came out and was really good!  It’s actually a plate full of pork a ton of different ways.  Pork satay was Mike’s favorite and I really like the pork bones in the soup it came with.  Lots of different fried parts of pork—always delicious but I didn’t always know which part it was.  We also had a chunk of crispy pork skin which was really good but Mike was creeped out by the hair still on it.

A Plate with Pork Many Ways

This was our cheapest meal in Bali at 25,000 IDR per plate ($3).  Conclusion was that it was good, but maybe not worth traveling for.  I still prefer Hawaiian roast pig!  We’ll compare with Ibu Oka in Ubud when we head up there.

Jun 242012

At the recommendation of our dive instructor (who always stays in Sanur when he comes to Bali), we went to Massimo’s for dinner.  It was packed!  The pasta was so good we went 2 nights in a row.  Best Italian we’ve had on our trip—Italian is essentially everywhere we’ve realized, Italian and pizza.  The second night we even had to wait for a table.  I got the homemade fettucine with lamb and ricotta and Mike got orrechiette with chili garlic sauce and olives.  Delicious!  And we also started a trend of eating gelato after dinner every night in Bali. =)  Massimo’s had great gelato outside and we also went to Gelato Secrets down the street a few times as well.

Homemade Fettucine with Lamb

Enjoying a Nice Italian Dinner at Massimo’s

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Jun 242012

Ahh, Bali.  We’ve been waiting so long to come here!  It’s been at the top of my must-go list for many years.  I guess now that we’re here, I know that the more remote parts of Indonesia are more beautiful but Bali is certainly the most convenient to get to.  We took a flight from the tiny airstrip at Labuanbajo to Denpasar.  It was beautiful flying over all the islands.

View of Komodo Islands from Plane

Mike had points at the Hyatt, so we lived the high life at the Hyatt Bali in Sanur, which is a laid back beach town on the southeastern coast of Bali.  After being sick for pretty much all of Indonesia, I needed these couple of days to veg out and do nothing but read on the beach.

During the diving liveaboard, I experienced a reverse block, which is rare but could happen if you were recovering from a bad cold like I was.  What happens is descending into the water is fine, but coming up, air that was pressurized at deeper depths starts to expand.  If the air bubbles can’t escape because of congestion, it causes a massive headache that is incredibly painful.  I looked it up on some scuba boards afterwards and one guy accurately describes it as “daggers behind your eyes.”  Yep.  So I had that for all of the dives until it finally cleared up on the last two dives.  What I didn’t know is that you’re supposed to stop diving if you experience it…but I guess no way was I going to miss the Komodo Island diving.  I still had a residual headache, so it took a few days of forcing myself to do nothing for it to finally go away.

The Beach in Front of Hyatt Bali in Sanur

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