Nov 212012

Mike and I are totally hooked on Ethiopian food.  I often get cravings for it, it’s so good.  So far, we’ve been to Addis in Dar and Habeesha.  The other one that’s often recommended here is Rohobot, which looks like the front courtyard of someone’s home.  It’s run by an Ethiopian family and their little boy is often running around with a toy.

We went with our friends Jacie (American) and Dan (British but Africa-born) after grabbing some drinks at the Waterfront restaurant at Slipway (where we are currently staying).  It’s on Ali Bin Said, a dirt road off of Haile Selassie Rd, close to Wonder Welders.  Rohobot is cheaper than Addis in Dar, so probably more sustainable choice if you wanted your regular fix of Ethiopian food.  We got a ton of food and it only came to $13/person including drinks. Addis in Dar usually comes to $20/person with drinks.  Funny again how our restaurant “expensive” scale changes so quickly in a different environment, compared to what we used to pay in NYC.

Jacie and Dan have been in Dar many years, so we let them do the ordering.  We got some beef tibs (grilled cubes of meat with onion and rosemary), beef in berbere sauce, chickpeas, lentils, cheese, tomato salad, and shiro wot (peas).  Each “dish” comes out in a small bowl that your pour over the injera bread.

Pouring deliciousness onto the injera

Here’s what our injera platter looked like before we put the shiro wot and beef tibs on.  The shiro wot you pour near the cheese and eat those together.  Dan got these chili peppers filled with tomato salsa that were SPICY.  Woo!

Clockwise from top: Tomato salad, chili peppers stuffed with tomato salsa, beef berbere, lentils, cheese, chickpeas. Doesn’t include the beef tibs and shiro wot.

Needless to say, we devoured the entire thing.  So we’ve actually been back to Addis in Dar a second time and the food actually wasn’t as good as the first time we went there.  I’m not sure if it was inconsistency, or if it just doesn’t work as well with two people since you don’t get as much variety?  We still love the ambiance there, it definitely has the best atmosphere with all the tables on the deck under the starry sky (what do they do in rainy season?).  But in terms of food, we decided Habeesha in Nairobi was #1, Rohobot second, and then Addis in Dar.   So I guess I should re-title my Addis in Dar post since I had proclaimed it best Ethiopian food of my life.  Ha!  I do love when it just gets better and better.

Full Platter and So Excited About It

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