Nov 202012

From Friday – Sunday, every evening comes alive at Coco Beach.  It’s where the young locals come and have fun.  There are plastic chairs set up along the sand where you can get beer and food.  A lot of people had warned us about going there since there tend to be more muggings there.  It usually is okay if you try to stay inconspicuous and the usual “don’t carry a bag.”  I almost never carry one anymore—phone and money always in pockets.  Which reminds me, I need to make sure everything I buy now has pockets!  Big ones!  None of this tiny girl pockets thing.  Also, long shirts help to cover my phone when it’s peeking out from my jeans pocket.

Anyhow, one Friday, we go to Coco Beach for a few beers while the sun sets. The sunset is actually on the other side in the bay, but it’s beautiful nonetheless. We park at Mike’s office which is across the street from all the action at Coco Beach.  Whenever I visit the office, I always gape at his view out the window.  I would definitely daydream too much if I had that view!

I’d Stare at this View Allll Day

There are a ton of locals on Coco Beach, playing in the water, playing soccer on the sand.  Some guys are doing handstands over and over again, getting completely covered in sand.  There’s some fun music playing on the speakers and we grab some Tusker beer.  It’s nice to do something that’s not a usual “expat” thing.  I do wish it were more integrated here.

Beach Soccer at Sunset

After Coco Beach, we went to Jackie’s Pub, which is also another more locals spot on the Peninsula.  They are known for their mishkaki, which are beef skewers.  You get them with chips (fries).  Mike and I got a few skewers to split and they definitely were the best we had!  A great Friday evening.

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