Nov 192012

I’ve been pretty much the cliché of an expat wife in Africa and going to a lot of the yoga classes here.  Ha!  Well, I’m grateful that the yoga teachers are good and there are classes every day if I wanted.  Most of them are during work hours though, so that shows you who they target.  Not for working people!  I met a friend here, Heather, at one of my first yoga classes and we became friends because I overheard her saying she does Jivamukti yoga, which was my studio in New York!  Small world.  She’s from Chicago and lived in New York for a while so we have a lot in common.  We even arrived in Dar on the same day.  So she is my daily yoga and errands buddy.

Satya is the main yoga teacher here and he has classes every day except Sunday and you can find his schedule online.  He teaches a class on Mondays at 5:15pm at the Golden Tulip Hotel with an amazing view overlooking the ocean.  The style is hatha/vinyasa mostly and there is a good Iyengar class at Nanasi studios with Toni.  Iyengar is not as intense but focuses more on alignment and I always feel amazing afterwards.


Satya’s Class Overlooking the Ocean

Yoga is pretty much all my exercise, so I should probably try to go for runs or do other things to balance it out.  It’s just so hot to go running here!  Unless you go at 6am or 6pm, which are prime mosquito hours (who also happen to be more attracted to you when you are exercising and emit more carbon dioxide).  My friend Karen teaches a hip hop class on Wednesdays from 6-7pm so I try to go if I’m free.  It’s a ton of fun but not exactly strenuous exercise since it’s a beginner class.

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