Nov 052012

Probably the food I might miss the most over here is good sushi.  We had heard that there was decent sushi at Osaka here on the Peninsula.  While we were viewing apartments with our broker, he mentioned it was going to be torn down and relocated (to build an apartment complex) so we had better go eat there soon.  Osaka is one the pricier side, but we had decided that we should do one nice date dinner a month, so this was our date night. =)  It’s located further down on the Peninsula closer to Oyster Bay near Toure Drive.  There’s a yellow Savannah Cider ad on the street you have to turn on off of Toure Drive with “Osaka” on it.  It’s hard to find if it’s dark and looks like you’re pulling up to someone’s gated house.

Inside, it’s a big thatch roof covered outdoor area with red and white Japanese lanterns hanging.  Very nice ambiance.  They actually had 4-5 teppanyaki stations in there so I felt like I was at Benihana!  I love Benihana growing up and we used to go every year for my birthday.  Good memories.  We didn’t sit at a teppanyaki station since it’s better for a big group or you have to wait for other people to show up to share the station.  There were several big tables having teppanyaki though and they put on a show just like at Benihana!

Inside Osaka Restaurant

Once a Month Date Night

We started with a shrimp and avocado salad, which was good and fresh and had a miso-like dressing on it.  The avocados are good here and remind me of home in California.

Yummy Shrimp and Avocado Salad

We ordered a sushi combo with nigiri and one roll.  The fish was actually really fresh and tender, didn’t taste fishy at all!  Very impressed.  The only thing was these were definitely pre-made and put in the fridge—you can tell since the rice was cold and stuck together stiffly.  You know, I can’t complain, the fish tasted good, so maybe sashimi next time versus nigiri?

Sushi Combo – Nice Presentation Right?

For our other entrée, we got a teppanyaki grilled steak with garlic sauce that they cook in the kitchen.  The meat was really tender and had great flavors.  It came with a side of sautéed vegetables too.  Overall, we enjoyed the dinner and will definitely check out the new location when it opens up.  It is pricier than the other restaurants here though.  Our bill with two drinks came out to about $60 USD, which I guess is nothing compared to what we used to spend in NYC, but a lot with our new adjusted budget for living here.  Glad we tried it though and I got my sushi fix in.

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