Oct 292012

Currently we’re staying at one of Mike’s coworkers apartment while she’s on holiday for 3 weeks.  I can’t tell you how nice it is to get out of the hotel and into an actual apartment with a kitchen!  I was getting really tired of eating every single meal out.  We’re staying in Oysterbay and walking distance to Oysterbay Shopping Center.  People don’t really walk here since most places are not within walking distance, but the shopping center is close enough for me to walk to yoga class or for us to grab brunch on the weekend.

When you first get to the plaza, you have no idea that you’ve arrived because you can’t see any shops from the outside, just a parking lot and sides of buildings.  I was so confused.  But once you get inside, there’s a little courtyard with a bunch of little shops around.  I don’t know what I expecting, maybe a strip mall?  But I’m finding that most shopping centers don’t look like much from the outside and once you go in you’re in a courtyard usually.

Black Tomato is the restaurant we usually default to for weekend breakfast.  They have good breakfast wraps, that’s always what I order.  Cappuccinos are good but the iced coffees are super milky and sugary.  Mike got the omelette and that was tasty as well.

My usual – breakfast wrap with egg, avocado, and cheese

Black Tomato Courtyard

There’s a vegetable market on the outside corner of the plaza where I’ve gotten eggs from.  6 loose eggs for about a dollar.  I haven’t gotten much else but the bell peppers and green beans look good.  They even have fennel and two different types of avocados.

Small Vegetable Stall at Oysterbay Shopping Center

You buy however many eggs you want and take them away in a plastic bag

Pili Pili hot peppers, garlic, ginger, and cucumbers

Cabbage, green beans, bell peppers, and carrots

I can’t wait to cook more and play around with the vegetables some more.  I went to another vegetable shop called the Green Market which has some nice things but when I was cutting the broccoli, I found a live bug and multiple egg sacs!  Definitely traumatized.  The woman whose apartment we’re staying at says she usually soaks her vegetables in diluted bleach before she cooks them so we tried that.  I had never heard of this but Mike says in Peace Corps everyone soaks vegetables in bleach.  I guess on the bottle it says to use it to disinfect baby bottles, so hopefully it’s not that bad?  Not sure, maybe I will try baking soda instead.  Needless to say, the broccoli went in the trash and I will be carefully inspecting my vegetables from now on!

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