Oct 282012

Our friend Sunil from business school introduced us via Facebook to some friends of his who have been living in Dar for 10 years, Nisha and Alpesh.  They are both originally from here and after living in the US for a long time and going to undergrad, they came back here.  So they took us to a popular restaurant called in Addis in Dar to eat Ethiopian food.  I really like Ethiopian food, but I’m guessing Ethiopian food in the States doesn’t even compare to what you would get here.  And I was right!  It was so delicious.  Usually I like all the vegetarian dishes and not the meat dishes like doro wot, but at Addis in Dar they were all really good.  The spices and sauces were just spot on and I couldn’t stop eating.  Our favorites were the chickpea and lentil dishes.  Mike says my problem is I have too much injera to sauce ratio so I always fill up on injera.  For those of you who haven’t tried it, injera is like a sponge-like tortilla that covers the bottom of the dish and you have rolls of it that you tear off little pieces and eat with.  You tear off a bite size piece and you scoop up the food with the injera.  The injera has a mild sour taste like sourdough.  All of this you usually wash down with sweet Ethiopian tej, or honey wine.

I know this photo doesn’t make it look appetizing but trust me, it’s amazing!  Clockwise from top it’s lentils, egg curry, shrimp, chicken doro wot, and chickpeas.

Delicious Ethiopian Spread

Addis in Dar has great ambience; there is all this outdoor seating and it was definitely packed on a Friday night.  I think this will be one of my favorite restaurants here!  In fact, we are going again tonight. =)

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