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I am way behind on updating the blog as it has been a whirlwind last couple of weeks in the US, preparing for the big move to Tanzania and seeing friends before we go.  I’ll be posting some highlights and photos from our last couple of weeks in the US soon, but I thought it would be fun to give an update on Dar first!

Unfortunately, I caught a head cold right before we left for Dar (I think helping my sister teach elementary science and being around germy kids has something to do with it).  It’s been pretty miserable being sick on the flight and the first couple of days here but I’ve finally emerged from the fog!  We’ve been here a couple of days now and starting to familiarize ourselves with the neighborhood.  Hopefully we’ll get out of the hotel and into some temporary apartments soon as it’s always tough to be living out of a suitcase.  What we’ve realized though is that it’s quite difficult to get around without a car—people don’t walk around much since it’s hot and things are spread apart.  We’ve been flagging down taxis and tuk tuks in the meantime, but I think one of the first orders of business is figuring out how we can buy a used car!

First impressions:

Weather: It’s not as hot as I thought I would be, nor as humid.  Definitely nothing compared to when we were in Thailand and Indonesia this summer.  There’s usually a nice breeze and it’s decent in the shade though of course hot in the sun.  Night time is perfect t-shirt and jeans weather.  We actually haven’t needed to use the A/C that much in our hotel room, just the fan.  Nothing to complain about.

Bugs: I haven’t noticed the mosquitos that much, but I’ve also been putting on DEET all the time.  But, I haven’t gotten bitten yet (knock on wood) and that’s way better than my track record on our Asia trip!  Usually you would take anti-malarial medication if you were visiting here, but it doesn’t make sense to take those every day if you live here.  So you just have to be careful especially in the evenings.

Food: Food is decent here, though I think anywhere after you’ve lived in New York will always come second. =)  Mike and I even had burritos yesterday and the chips and salsa were actually quite delicious!  We’ve only really eaten at the expat places though; I’m sure there are better local places that aren’t as expensive.  I did find that almost every local grocery store has soy sauce and rice noodles, so that made me very very happy!  I even found a grocery store/deli in Oysterbay (where we’re staying) that had sambal oelek and dried shitake mushrooms!  Joy. Now maybe I can make beef noodle soup here?  I imagine we will probably eat in most of the times.  I found that most of the meat in the grocery stores are frozen, so that’s probably the norm here.

Dar Asian Grocery

Can’t Wait to Cook With This

Yoga/Dance: The stars were aligned and there was a contemporary dance festival going on downtown the night after we arrived!  It’s called Visa2Dance and it’s an annual dance performance by local groups and international groups.  There were groups from Norway, Italy, Spain, and Israel.  It was actually really impressive.  I loved the local group.  This show could have been in New York and you wouldn’t have blinked.  I will have to do some research on what dance classes are available.  There is one studio nearby that has dance/yoga/zumba classes called Nanasi.  There’s an adult street jazz on Monday mornings so I will have to check that out.  Plenty of yoga classes offered so I’m excited to check those out too.

Being near the ocean is beautiful, though it’s very low tide in the afternoons so there aren’t that many people swimming.  It probably depends on the seasons.  Haven’t seen anyone surfing yet, but I think it’s a bit past the surfing season.  That’s it for now, more updates to come!

Dar Coco Beach

Beautiful Coco Beach

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  1. Love the last pic! Hopefully we’ll be getting to the local spots soon and can share how that goes…

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