Aug 262012

After 3 awesome weeks in Chicago, we returned home to LA. And it definitely was not fun returning to the scene of the crime when we picked up our rental car…

Anyway, Mike has gotten into running in the past year.  Actually, he was inspired after we saw our amazing friend run the NYC marathon and we ran after her with signs and cheered here on at 3 different points in the race.  He then ran a 10K in Central Park in preparation for his first big race last October, the half marathon in Central Park.  As luck would have it, it snowed early in October and he ran the whole thing in freezing snow while I cheered him on in my full snowboarding gear.

It was tough to do much training in Chicago since it was so hot and humid, so Mike wasn’t in top shape for this race.  It was a small race, only 12 people for a 10K in Sunset Beach, which is just north of Huntington Beach.  It was a really gorgeous day ending with an even more beautiful sunset (how apropos).  I got to read on the beach while Mike ran his 50 min race.  He finished 2nd!  And even got a medal (everybody got a medal). He’s looking for his next run but I don’t think there are any before we leave in October. =/

Beautiful Run on the Beach

Run, Mike, Run!

Glowing Sunset

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