Aug 252012

I mentioned in an earlier post that when I come to Chicago, there are 3 things on my list of must-dos.  Well, Tank Noodle was closed on the day we went down in to the city, so we had to make the trek when we were down there for the wedding.  I would come here while I was in business school and it was always a treat.  I still think of it as the best pho I’ve ever had.  I think I’m biased mostly by the delicious beef tendon they have.  It’s the best beef tendon because its cooked until it’s super soft–if you have bad tendon it will be hard and chewy.  The broth is flavorful and the noodles are tasty.  Mike and I took the red line El north of the city and you get off of at the Argyle stop, which is known as little Vietnam.  It’s essentially one block filled with Vietnamese restaurants and shops.  I’ve never eaten at any of the other places because Tank is just to good to pass up.  It’s funny because when I met up with my friend Heidi who still lives in the city, I mentioned that I need to go to my pho place and she responds, “What, Tank?”  So people just know. =)

Craving satisfied!

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