Aug 072012

Coming to Chicago is all about family time with my in-laws.  I’m so grateful to have wonderful, loving, laid-back in-laws!  We’ve been spending the last couple of weeks going to the zoo, going to the lake, eating meals, and playing with the niece and nephew (5 and 6 currently).  They are the cutest little ones ever and so full of energy!  I’m always tired after playing with them and Mike and I give each other looks like “are we ready for this?”  I think we will be…one day. 😉

Love These Kiddos

One day, the ladies all went to afternoon tea at this cute little place called Infinitea. It really reminded of one of my favorite places in NY’s West Village, Tea & Sympathy.  All the teapot and tea sets have different decorations and all the decor is tea and Victorian themed.  We got some delicious scones and they had a menu with pages and pages of the different kinds of tea they had.  They even had a gluten free menu for the niece, so that was a major plus.  Definitely recommended!

Ladies who Lunch

Later that week, we went to the nephew’s T-ball game at the park.  There were a ton of teams there and the kids range from 4-5 years old.  It was really cute watching the kids hit the ball and run around the bases.  They are still getting down the fundamentals of the game so it’s really only 3 innings where everyone bats and runs and there aren’t any outs.  Great activity for the kids and I loved that the little girls were out hitting and running with the boys.

Running for First Base

Post T-Ball Madness

Mike is such a sports guy that it was cute to watch him cheer for the little kids with a lot of enthusiasm.  “Good fielding, nice hit!”  Definitely a future Little League coach on our hands. 😉  It’s been great having these 3 weeks with the family since we usually only get to stay for 1 week during holidays.

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