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Chicago pizza.  A must have when you’re visiting this town!  To be honest, I’m definitely more of a NY pizza kind of gal, but good Chicago pizza done right is out of this world.  True, you feel stuffed to the max afterwards after just one slice, but it’s delicious!  When I lived in Chicago for business school, I’d been to Gino’s East, Giordano’s, and Lou Malnati’s–considered the main Chicago pizza restaurant chains here.  Mike’s parents live about 1.5 hours north of the city, so we actually tried a local place called Rosati’s.  Conclusion?  The best I’d had in Chicago!  It definitely beats the past pizzas I’ve had.  Maybe the key was ordering sauce on top style?  Or maybe it was because we had just gotten off our flight from LA after I got into an accident at our rental car drop off?

Side story: We were dropping off our rental car at Advantage LAX and when I was unloading the trunk, an SUV came up behind me and rolled forward and pinned me in between the two bumpers.  It was probably the scariest thing that’s happened to me in a while and my legs were getting crushed while the guy in the car panicked and couldn’t figure out how to reverse.  Finally somebody with some sense got into our car to start it and drive forward to get me out.  Mike was freaking out and screaming at the guy to move his car.  Cops came, ambulance came.  I didn’t break any bones but my knees and thighs were severely bruised.   Two weeks later, I can still feel the bruises. Hopefully no lasting damage though–I did go to the urgent car center here and got X-rays and everything looked okay.  This is a time where I am thankful for my strong leg muscles!

Anyway, back to the delicious pizza!  This thing lasted us three days it was so huge.  Definitely a must eat.

Check out that deliciousness

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