Jul 302012

Before heading to Chicago for 3 weeks, Mike and I did a whirlwind visit to the Bay Area to see some friends over a long weekend.  We drove up on Thursday and came back down on Monday.  It was fun seeing friends and two of them were new first time homeowners!  Feels like everyone around us is buying.  I couldn’t believe how ridiculously expensive the Bay Area real estate market is!   It’s funny how a few years ago our visit would definitely be centrally based in the city and now everyone’s moved towards the South Bay and we only went up to the city once.

Well the one day we went up to the city, we lucked out with an absolutely gorgeous day.  Sunny blue skies and warm!  Not the norm for a San Francisco summer day.  We walked around Haight and Alamo Square before heading to Sunday Streets in Dogpatch (funny name for a neighborhood right?).

Beautiful Day in Alamo Square

My favorite thing about walking around Haight is exploring all the cool little shops and fun architecture and street art.  I’ve always wanted to live around there if I ever lived in SF.

Colorful Apartments on Haight

Graffiti Van

It was a quick visit, so we didn’t get to do much sightseeing, but we’re planning on going back up for longer over Labor Day weekend since we have a wedding in wine country to attend.  Definitely excited for that!

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