Jul 202012

Back in LA, we’ve been making the rounds and visiting old friends.  I guess we’re at that age now where everyone is settling down and buying homes and starting families.  Since Mike and I haven’t gotten quite there yet, I always like to joke to my home-owning friends that they are “real adults” now.  Ha!  No, but it’s so nice to experience that with your friends and support their new families.  We visited last weekend with one of my old dance friends (can you believe I was once in a real deal hip hop group?).  And it just so happened that our old artistic director was visiting in town from NYC as well (funny how so many people I know end up there).  It was really fun catching up on everyone’s latest adventures.  Very inspiring and everyone seemed really happy.  It was a great afternoon in Eagle Rock and I caught some fun pics as the sun was setting.  My friend did an amazing job remodeling her home and I can’t believe her patience in the 1.5 years it took to go through contractors and really complete her vision!  What patience it must have took.  Here’s to growing up and passing life’s milestones!

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