Jul 202012

We just heard from a fellow couple from our diving liveaboard and they sent us photos from our dive at Manta Point. They arrived back in Switzerland after their honeymoon and I’m so glad they remembered to send the photos!  I had forgotten my camera and this was the dive not to forget it!  We saw three huge mantas and they came so close to us, about 5 feet away.  These things looked so unreal and had wingspans of at least 12 feet.  Just out of this world.  This dive had a really heavy current so you had to hold on to dead coral in order to avoid getting swept away.  Our divemaster took us to a “cleaning station” where he knew mantas come and get cleaned by smaller fish.  The current is the weakest at the very bottom of the ocean floor so you just hold on and get as close to the ground as possible and wait for mantas.  Pretty soon, one swam over and hovered above us for a few minutes while it got cleaned by all the little cleaner fish.  Sometimes there would be giant trevally hanging out underneath the manta for protection from the current.  The photos don’t really do it justice, but here’s a glimpse of what that experience was like!

Swimming Right By Us

Each Manta Has Unique Spots Underneath

Probably 12 feet across

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