Jul 112012

You can see Moro Rock along the whole drive up to Sequoia (coming from the South).  It’s just staring at from around every bend, so naturally you have to go to the top.  It’s actually a really short (but steep) climb to the top and the views over the canyon are breathtaking.  It’s best to go early in the morning before it gets too hazy.  We had the whole top of the rock to ourselves!

Top of Moro Rock

View Over the Canyon from Moro Rock

Steph Showing Off Her Karate Moves

Falling Rock is just a short hike away from Moro Rock.  It’s probably a hike less traveled, which made it even better.  Not another single soul on the trail.  It gives a great viewpoint of Moro Rock itself and has nice rocks to climb around on.

Falling Rock

Later that day, we did the hike to Tokopah Falls—3.6 miles.  Not too bad, but we did it in the heat of the afternoon sun.  The payoff is fantastic though.  The waterfall tumbles over a vast expanse of boulders and you can climb around and over the falls for some great views.

Tumbling Tokopah Falls

View Looking Out From the Waterfall

Relaxing After the Hike

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