Jul 062012

Our last day in Tokyo, we still had most of the day to kill.  We still had not tried out any soba yet, so we sought out a soba placed called Narutomi in Ginza.  Thanks to Amit for the recommendation!  I’d read that the soba here is different because the noodles are made from 100% buckwheat versus the standard 20%.  We ordered two soba sets at 800 Yen each ($10) and a vegetable tempura set.  Soba came out was really good, but I guess I’m not much of a soba expert, so I couldn’t tell you how different it was from other soba I’ve had.

100% Buckwheat Soba Noodles

The mistake was probably the vegetable tempura set.  While it was really good and included a fried shiso leaf (yum!), we ordered it at the waitress’s recommendation without asking the price.  $15…not too bad I guess but all told it turned out to be a pretty steep lunch for not a ton of food.  Probably a better bet to get ramen and be full!

Vegetable Tempura with Salt

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