Jul 062012

The hunt for delicious ramen continues…There were definitely a few ramen places I wanted to check out such as Bossanova and Ivan, but they were a little bit more out of the way and with our limited time, I chose Nagi ramen near Shinjuku.  They have a few locations, each focused on a different specialty, but their Shinjuku location is known for their tonkatsu style ramen, which is our favorite.  We frequent Ippudo a lot in New York which is tonkatsu style (Ippudo started in Tokyo but we chose to try a different ramen place while we were here).  Poor Mike, I always drag him to strange out of the way places for the hunt for good food!

Well, it didn’t fail us!  The broth was rich and creamy and oh so good.  After you order from the vending machine, you are given a form where you can customize the oiliness of your broth, how much garlic, spiciness, and more.  It’s really nice to be able to suit your own taste.

Ramen Customizer

The pork was melt in your mouth.  Perfectly cooked noodles.  To compare it to Ippudo, the broth isn’t as heavy and thick at Nagi.  So if I were going for a one time ramen meal, I’d probably still pick Ippudo.  But if you were going to eat it on a regular basis, I would choose Nagi so you don’t get that I’m-so-full-I-feel-sick feeling afterwards.

Tonkatsu Ramen – So Good

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