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Our last night in Tokyo, we decided to splurge on dinner in Shibuya.  We originally were going to look for a sake bar, but upon arriving at our destination, we thought maybe it was too much of a splurge…There are plenty of restaurants in Shibuya so we just wandered around until we saw a lively place filled with young people.  It was an izakaya wine bar called Baru and was our best meal in Tokyo.  Talk about stumbling on a gem!  We ordered whatever they recommended and had a lot of fun chatting with the chef who spoke some English.

Baru Izakaya Wine Bar Counter

The first thing that came out was their beef tendon stew with daikon radish.  A-mazing.  It was packed with fragrant spices, hint of nutmeg, and the tendon was cooked until it was super soft.  I wish I had gotten two!

Amazing Beef Tendon Stew

Then came out their special of the night, which was grilled Hotate scallops.  This was Mike’s favorite.  We’ve never had scallop like this before.  Grilled to perfection.  It was so tender and usually you don’t eat the outside surrounding the scallop, but here they were so tender and even more flavorful than the center!  I could eat a ton of these.

Best Hotate Scallops Ever

Beef carpaccio was next, but the twist was that it was sushi style.  Really tasty and so much more interesting to eat than regular beef carpaccio.  Topped with garlic puree and wasabi.

Beef Carpaccio Sushi

Don’t forget the sake!

Sake Please!

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