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After people watching in Shibuya, we went on a mission to find a good small ramen spot.  Ideally it would be counter seating only filled with local business people.  And we found it!  At first we were intimidated, but we snagged the last two seats after paying at the vending machine.

Counter Seating Only

In Japan, a lot of small restaurants have vending machines where you put in money and push the button of the item you want to eat.  The machine spits out change and you hand your ticket to the cook/waiter.  This makes so much sense because it automates all money handling and decreases order error.  Takes all the waiting time out of ordering too so restaurants can have faster turnover.  We need to implement this in the US!  Though it works best for places that don’t have many options on the menu.  These ramen places just do ramen and they do it well.  Too many options in the US.

Typical Food Vending Machine

The place had miso and shoyu style ramen and we both ordered the miso ramen.  Our personal favorite style is the tonkotsu pork bone broth but we’ll save that for a later ramen hunt.  It was super good and everyone around us was slurping away.  We noticed that we eat really slowly compared to everyone else!  People just came in, slurped, and they were on their merry way again.  What I love in Asia are the perfect soft boiled eggs everywhere.  Even the packaged ready-to-eat eggs in 7-11 are soft boiled.  Amazing!  I would tell you the name of the place, but there was no English name.  From looking at the Chinese characters, I can tell you that it probably starts with “wa”? =)

Delicious Miso Ramen

Tiny Ramen Restaurant

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