Jun 262012

We did some sightseeing around Ubud today and visited the Puri Lakisan museum and Monkey Forest Sanctuary.  The museum was a good primer on the evolution of Balinese art and there were some really nice pieces in there.  Then we walked down to the Monkey Forest Sanctuary and temple, which was built around the 13th century.  Most of Bali is Hindu (with some Buddhist element) so a lot of the artwork have Hindu themes and the temples are of course Hindu.  But the real tourist attraction are the monkeys here.  They are all over the place!  It’s really sad that the tourists feed the monkeys—they sell bananas right outside the entrance.  It’s made the monkeys quite aggressive and if you go near them, they will often try to take things from you.  We saw one woman sit down next to one and then it grabbed her arm and bit her!

This Guy Made the Mistake of Wearing a Hat and the Monkeys Went After Them


Mom and Baby Monkey

Funny Looking Baby Monkey

The banyan trees are really impressive and you can go down some stairs into a narrow gorge where the sides are covered in tree roots.  It’s very much a rainforest and makes you wonder how the rest of Ubud looked before there were so many rice paddies.

Crazy Banyan Tree

The temple itself was quite nice, but we didn’t go in since you had to rent proper attire to go in.  We’ve seen a lot of temples on our trip. =)  Overall, a beautiful sanctuary—we just wish the tourists would stop feeding the monkeys.

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