Jun 242012

Ahh, Bali.  We’ve been waiting so long to come here!  It’s been at the top of my must-go list for many years.  I guess now that we’re here, I know that the more remote parts of Indonesia are more beautiful but Bali is certainly the most convenient to get to.  We took a flight from the tiny airstrip at Labuanbajo to Denpasar.  It was beautiful flying over all the islands.

View of Komodo Islands from Plane

Mike had points at the Hyatt, so we lived the high life at the Hyatt Bali in Sanur, which is a laid back beach town on the southeastern coast of Bali.  After being sick for pretty much all of Indonesia, I needed these couple of days to veg out and do nothing but read on the beach.

During the diving liveaboard, I experienced a reverse block, which is rare but could happen if you were recovering from a bad cold like I was.  What happens is descending into the water is fine, but coming up, air that was pressurized at deeper depths starts to expand.  If the air bubbles can’t escape because of congestion, it causes a massive headache that is incredibly painful.  I looked it up on some scuba boards afterwards and one guy accurately describes it as “daggers behind your eyes.”  Yep.  So I had that for all of the dives until it finally cleared up on the last two dives.  What I didn’t know is that you’re supposed to stop diving if you experience it…but I guess no way was I going to miss the Komodo Island diving.  I still had a residual headache, so it took a few days of forcing myself to do nothing for it to finally go away.

The Beach in Front of Hyatt Bali in Sanur

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