Jun 242012

After my food poisoning incident earlier in the week at Matahari Restaurant, we were careful to go to our hotel’s recommendations for dinner. Bayview Gardens was a great pick for lodging, fantastic views over the harbor though a bit on the pricey side.

Sunset View from our Private Balcony at Bayview Gardens

Our last night on Labuanbajo, we ate at Pesona, which serves Indonesian food at a pretty cheap price.  I got the grilled chicken and Mike got seafood steamed in a banana leaf.  Both were delicious!  The chicken had wonderfully crispy skin and great flavor.  Perfectly cooked.  I’m also obsessed with the fresh chili sauce they make here, sambal.  Fresh tomatoes with a hint of smoky habanero.  Probably one of the best meals we’ve had in Indonesia so far.

Delicious BBQ Chicken with Chili

Steamed Seafood in Banana Leaf

That wraps up our Komodo adventure!  Next up: Bali.  Here’s another favorite photo from the top of one of the small Komodo islands.  We dove earlier in the day at the bay down below known as Crystal Bay and we would go in later that night for a night dive.

On One of the Small Komodo Islands Above Crystal Bay

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