Jun 202012

The Komodo Islands is known for some of the best diving in the world.  Because of the currents that run through the islands, there’s a ton of diversity of fish who feed on the nutrients swept by the currents.  It also has some pretty difficult diving, with strong currents.  We decided to do a liveaboard for 3 days to get the most out of the dive sites with a total of 9 dives.  We also got our PADI Advanced Open Water certifications which lets us go deeper and gain more experience with drift and night diving.  I’m really glad we did the course because it meant we had a dedicated instructor/dive guide for the difficult dives.  Highly recommend Divine Diving shop in Labuanbajo.

Our Liveaboard Boat — Mike and I Studying for our Advanced Open Water Course

I rented an underwater camera for the 3 days—I wasn’t about to miss out on photos of the great dive sites!  The Komodo dive sites really had so many fish I had never seen before.  All the other dive sites you see a lot of the same type of reef fish.  Here I was just stunned at the diversity of the fish and coral.  So amazingly colorful.  The one bummer is we forgot the camera on board for Manta Point—a drift dive site known for huge manta rays.  We had really close encounters with 3 enormous mantas.  It’s a drift dive so you have to hold on to some rocks so you don’t get swept away.  While you hold on to the rocks, you stay still and low to the ground and this manta with a 10-12 ft wingspan came and hovered about 3 feet above us.  It was surreal and they looked so alien and beautiful.  Another couple told us they would email us their photos, so I will share when we get those!  Here are some of the best shots of the 3 days of diving.

Lionfish — Tons on the Night Dive

Unicorn Fish

Moray Eel

Trumpet Fish

White Tipped Shark with Giant Trevally

Nudibranch on Night Dive — Really Colorful Sea Slug Type Animals

Guineafowl Pufferfish on Night Dive — HUGE!

The Most Colorful Coral I’ve Ever Seen in Komodo

Nestling in the Giant Anemone

Clownfish Closeup

My Favorite: Clown Triggerfish

Yes, There are THAT Many Fish! At Castle Rock Dive Site in Komodo

School of Purple Antheas

On the first evening of the liveaboard, we anchored off of Rinca and watched the flying foxes take off at sunset.  At sunset, they fly out of the trees—there must have been thousands of them!  It was a pretty incredible sight.  The photos don’t do it justice, so I’ve uploaded a short video so you can see just how many of them there were.  Amazing.

Flying Foxes Off of Rinca Island


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