Jun 182012

On Gili Trawangan, we purposely stayed near an area of the beach where there was good snorkeling outside.  We love snorkeling so it’s nice to have a good spot close by.  The current actually was incredibly strong though, so you had to walk all the way north up the beach and then get in and drift back down.  It was pretty fast moving, so we usually held on to a buoy rope to stay put for a while and watch the show.  There were tons of fish and they seemed to like Mike a lot for some reason—he was surrounded!

Mike Surrounded by Butterfly Fish

We saw a scorpionfish silently waiting at the bottom—it was really neat.  There are different types of scorpionfish and lionfish are the better known ones, but this one was really camouflaged.  Any time you’re diving and want to hold on to a rock, the dive guides always tell you to wave your hand back and forth in case a camouflaged scorpionfish is there.

Poisonous Scorpionfish

Lots of other great colorful fish swimming around and the visibility was great—so clear.

Blue Lined Surgeonfish

Moorish Idol — Look Familiar from Finding Nemo?

Hawksbill Turtle

Hawksbill Sea Turtle Swimming Right Underneath Me

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