Jun 182012

There’s no shortage of beachfront seafood barbeques on Gili T, so we decided to try Fortuna Café near our hotel one night.  They have live music every night, but it’s really funny since they specialize in female power ballads—not quite what you think of as beachside genre live music.

Anyhow, there’s a display of all the fish out front and you pick the one you want for dinner.  We settled on the barracuda since those looked really fresh.

Big, Clear Eyes = Fresh Fish

After a few songs of Kelly Clarkson and Faith Hill, out came our fish!  It was done perfectly and was really good.  Tender and grilled with just some garlic, butter, and lime.

Grilled Barracuda

For some reason, there are stray cats all over Gili T, so as we were finishing up, sure enough, a cat started mewing at our table for some fish.  Sorry, we ate it all!

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