Jun 182012

Sorry it’s been a little while since the last update, we’ve been on boats for the last week and I haven’t had very much downtime to write!

Back to Gili Trawangan…we decided to do 1 dive on Gili T with Gili Divers (where we were staying) to check it out.  There’s a site called Turtle City, which is the shallower version of Shark Point, supposedly one of the better dive sites around there.  With our open water certification, we can only go down 18m by PADI standards (but that will change when we get our Advanced Open Water certification in Komodo!).  Turtle City was an amazing dive.  We saw bumphead parrotfish for the first time and they were HUGE.  We got really close several times and they were in a school of about 12 fish.  The bumphead parrotfish were about 5 feet long and pretty wide.  It was an incredible sight.  I don’t have a diving camera, but here’s a photo I pulled off of Google images so you can see what these fish look like.

This bumphead parrotfish is a little big larger than the ones we saw, but you can get an idea of how huge these fish are!

And of course from the name Turtle City, we saw maybe 5-6 sea turtles, both green turtles and hawksbill turtles.  How you can tell the difference between the two is that hawksbill turtles usually have dirty looking or scratched shells.  Since they like to hide under coral and eat it, their shells tend to be more scratched up.  On Gili T, they have a sea turtle rehabilitation project and large tanks with tiny baby sea turtles.  It was really cute, some of them were so small, only a few inches across.

The nice thing about diving in Gili T is that all the dive sites are so close to the island, only a 5-15 minute boat ride away and you can in tiny boats.  So really you just do 1 dive at a time versus the usual 2 dives per boat trip.  Great experience!

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