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Ta Prohm was probably our favorite temple!  It’s famous for being the temple featured in Tomb Raider, where Angelina Jolie weaves through the temple overgrown with huge trees.  Ta Prohm was one of the few temples where they left the trees alone during restoration.  The trees have grown so large over the centuries that some of them look as if they just came and sat on top of a tower or doorway.  I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Gigantic Tree Roots Over a Covered Passageway

Gigantic Tree Roots Over a Covered Passageway

Other smaller temples nearby, Ta Som and Preah Khan, also had a great tree growing over a doorway so I’m going to lump into this tree-and-temple themed post. =)

Web of Roots Over a Doorway

Finger-like Trunk

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