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After the main circuit, there are many other temple groups to see that are outside of the main Angkor Wat/Angkor Thom complexes.  On our second day, we went to Banteay Srei, which is a 45 minute tuk tuk ride northeast of Siem Reap.  Banteay Srei is the oldest temple we visited, built in the 10th century.  It’s unique because it was built using red sandstone, most of the other temples were built using neutral sandstone, laterite, or brick.  It’s a small temple, but it makes up for it in the intricacy and detail of the Hindu carvings (this is pre-Buddhism era).  Since this temple is further and we went first thing in the morning, we had the temple to ourselves for most of the time.

Rose Colored Sandstone

Detailed Carvings


This shot is from East Mebon temple on the way back from Banteay Srei, north of Angkor Thom.  It was hard to keep track of all the temple names, there are so many and some of the smaller ones don’t even have signs out front.

East Mebon

East Mebon

On the third day, we felt like we had done mostly everything, so we went to Ruolos group, which are really two temples about 10 minutes east of Siem Reap.  The structures are mostly brick since they were built earlier.  I would say if you’re short on time, you can skip the Ruolos group, but the weather was great, so we got some great shots out there.  The other benefit is that there are very few tourists there.

We Had the Temple To Ourselves

We saw all these tiny frogs in the grass and they’re really easy to catch!  This one was super tiny, the size of the tip of my pinky finger.

Tiniest Frog Ever

Of course, Mike went back to his teasing animal ways, so I had to include this shot.  Poor guy was so calm, didn’t even flinch or struggle.  I don’t think he gets picked up often…

Mr. Frog

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