Jun 082012

Our last night in Siem Reap, we tried one of the many BBQ places that you see everywhere.  They are down on Pub Street as well, but we tried the one next door to our hotel as it’s usually packed with locals.  Yep, we were the only tourists there, always a good sign.  It’s more expensive than your usual local fare at $5/person, but it’s all you can eat.

The BBQ places in Cambodia are actually kind of a mix between hot pot and Korean BBQ.  Over your table’s burner, you have a large bowl with a raised dome.  You grill meats on the raised dome, but you pour water around the side where you can cook vegetables and noodles.  Each bowl comes with a healthy chunk of lard on top for meat grilling. =)

Adventures in Cambodian BBQ'ing

There was a huge long table filled with trays of meat and vegetables.  We didn’t know what a lot of the things were, so we got some help from the wait staff.  Meat was…interesting.  It was really soft, but not in a good way.  Lots of organ meat too.  Kind of like it had all been very treated with a lot of cornstarch to tenderize it.  The one good meat was the pork (of course) and pork belly (pretty much slices of pork fat, delicious).  Shrimp was good and we got napa cabbage, tofu, and rice noodles to round it out.  The dipping sauces were mostly sweet chili type sauces—I think I prefer the Chinese hot pot sauces.  We were stuffed by the end.  Great to try, but I think I would have preferred either straight meat grilling or hot pot versus a combination of the two.  And poor Mike still doesn’t like hot pot. =)

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