May 282012

Wat U Mong deserves a special mention out of the temples we visited since it was pretty unique.  We took a tuk tuk to go visit it since it’s southwest of the old city.  It’s a forest wat, so it’s set in more of a natural setting versus the other temples.  There’s a large chedi on top of some old tunnels and to the right of the chedi, there is a peculiar Buddha image.  It’s unlike any Buddha image we’ve ever seen; this one is carved out of black marble and so emaciated it looks near-death.  A little bit disturbing and very powerful.

Emaciated Buddha

On the other side of the complex, there’s a small lake where you can buy fish food and feed the catfish.  There are a TON of pigeons here that stalk you because I’m guessing visitors usually feed the birds also.

They're Watching You

These pigeons were fiercer than NYC pigeons!  They will fly and land on you if you don’t keep shooing them away.  Which is what happened to this girl:

Attack of the Pigeons!

When you drop the pellets into the lake, all the catfish come chomping and fight over the fish food.

Feeding the Catfish

Gleeful and silly fun for a couple cents!  We didn’t see any other Western tourists while we were here, just Thais.  Great off the beaten track temple.

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