May 282012

I decided to check out yoga in Chiang Mai since there seemed to be a few studios there. I went to yoga at NAMO, who also offers massage courses. I went in the evening and the teacher was a British guy named Neil who has been living in Chiang Mai for a year and before that, Japan for 13 years. Interesting guy. And just came back from a month in Sri Lanka. Who are these people?!
Anyway, he asked where I usually practiced yoga, and I mentioned I had been to Jivamukti in NY a few times. Turns out he got trained in NY as well and was familiar with the studio but explained he had a slightly different style. Class was actually me, 1 woman from China, and 4 old white men! First time I’ve been in yoga where the man outnumbered the women. Pretty impressive. The old guy next to me was all sorts of flexible.
Class was good, it was a mix of vinyasa but with more stretching poses that were pretty tough. Not as hard as Elements in Bangkok or Jivamukti in NY, but still a great class. I was definitely sore the next day. What was fun was the Chinese woman asked me where I was from after class and we got into a conversation in Chinese (she doesn’t really speak English). Her husband’s from Taiwan and they were just vacationing in Chiang Mai. It was interesting talking to her about yoga, because she only knew the Chinese names for the different styles (like vinyasa or iyengar) and I had no idea what they were called in Chinese. It was amazing to me that she had learned yoga all in Chinese and that it’s widespread enough that she didn’t know the English names for poses or styles. She was also pretty amazing in class as well.
Overall, a great time and recommended!

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