May 192012

In Chiang Mai, there’s pretty much 3 big main things to do: temples, elephants, and eat khao soi!  Chiang Mai is known for khao soi, which is a noodle soup dish with a spicy nutty curry as the broth.  It usually comes with a side of lime, shallots, and picked vegetables.  I did plenty of research of course on where to get the best khao soi, you know me!

I had it narrowed down to a couple of places, and for dinner last night I made Mike come with me on a forced march to hunt one down.  It’s called Lam Duan and south of Wat Faham.  I would tell you exactly where it is but we never found it.  After walking around random dark roads for 30 minutes and asking several people, we put together that it’s supposedly only open from 8-5pm (and it was 7pm by now).  Doh!  Mike was getting grumpy at this point since he was getting hungry and it seemed like we were walking around aimlessly. =)  He doesn’t get my quest for delicious food!

So then I suggested we walk south to another place that has good khao soi, near the Night Bazaar so we could walk around there afterwards.  Fast forward another 20-30 minutes and no luck for Khao Soi Islam either.  Strike two!  Boy, was I in trouble now.

Okay, so I gave up and we just ate at the next decent place we saw.  We ended up getting dinner at Sil-aat in the Kalare Night Bazaar, which is a huge sprawling night market where you can buy everything you can possibly imagine.  We got the chicken khao soi at Sil-aat—well, you have to order it now since we just searched for it for an hour!  And we tried the lanna sausage dish with fried pork rinds—also a Chiang Mai specialty.

Chicken Khao Soi

The khao soi was good, but so incredibly rich!  I guess now we have a base line to compare to, but I’m still determined to get to one of those places I researched.  Mike loved it and ate every single drop.

Lanna Sausage with Fried Pork Rinds

The sausage had thai chilis in it as well as kaffir lime leaves, so it had a sweet/spicy taste.  It came with green chili paste which was delicious but super hot!  Fried pork rinds well, is delicious fried pork.  Overall, it wasn’t bad, but since it was in the touristy night market, it was a bit pricey ($15 total).

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