May 172012

For our last night in Ko Tao, we decided to splurge on a “fancy” seafood restaurant.  This was probably the most we spent on a meal in Thailand, around $35 total. =)  It’s a lot considering that’s 3 times as much as we usually spend on dinner!  We went to Barracuda which is ranked #1 on Tripadvisor.

We ordered the special seafood platter for two, which is a monster plate of grilled barracuda filet, barracuda fish cakes, tequila lime shrimp skewers, prawns, baked mussels, and whole steamed snapper.

Ko Tao Barracuda Restaurant

Gigantic Seafood Platter

My god, it was a lot of food!  We couldn’t finish the plate, not even close.  The grilled barracuda filet was the best, really well cooked and tender.  As for the rest of the seafood, the conclusion is that everything was really well cooked (tender) but generally lacking flavor.  We were a bit bummed.  But, glad we gave it a shot!

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