May 172012

Elements yoga studio deserves a special mention on the blog.  I’ve been looking for opportunities to practice yoga while traveling to keep in shape and also to check out the yoga scene internationally.  In Nepal, I was excited to take class, but I went to a hatha yoga class in Pokhara and I don’t think hatha is really my style.  It was very much focused on clearing your chakras and not very physically demanding.  I appreciate spirituality in my yoga classes (love the chanting and sutras as part of Jivamukti Yoga Studio, where I go in NYC) but I need it to physically kick my ass as well. =)

So I looked up yoga studios in Bangkok and Elements was highly rated.  The drop in class rate is a bit steep–$17 which is the same as a NYC class.  I guess yoga is at a premium here.  Elements is in an office like building called Vanissa behind Central Department Store (not to be confused with Central World—made that mistake and couldn’t find it the first time).  Studio is pretty nondescript—very basic.

Shane was my teacher for the “bliss” class (advanced) and my butt was thoroughly whupped.  It was more like a mix of Vinyasa and Iyengar.  I definitely was out of shape after not practicing yoga for so long.  Sure I lost weight and probably got in shape in Nepal, but after 2 weeks at the beach doing nothing that was shot!  It was also really hot and humid in the studio, so there were definitely points in the class where I thought I was either going to throw up or pass out—kind of how I felt the first time I ever did Bikram yoga (hot yoga).

Shane was a great teacher and even though I was a newcomer/visitor, she corrected me a few times which I appreciated.  Definitely go to Elements if you’re ever in Bangkok!  My whole body is sore today!

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  1. I really love that you’re going to yoga in Asia. You’re ahmahzing.

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