May 172012

After Ko Tao, we stopped over in Bangkok for two nights to break up our trip before we head up north to Chiang Mai.  Mike got a custom suit and some dress shirts from a famous tailor here called Rajawonse.  And we pretty much went back to our mecca, Central World, to revel in AC heaven after hot hot Ko Tao.

A couple of nights ago, Mike and I met up with one of my mom’s old college classmates who lives in Bangkok.  What’s funny is that she hasn’t seen him since college!  But they went to a small university in Taiwan where their class keeps in touch all the time and has reunions as well.  So she sent him a note mentioning that we were coming, and that’s how we met the Chungs for dinner!

The Chungs are from Taiwan but have been living in Bangkok for 27 years now for work.  27 years!  Both their kids live in the US.  I asked them how long it took them to learn Thai—it seems really hard.  They said about a year to start speaking and understanding Thai.  Only a year?  Wow.  I think if we moved here it would take a lot longer.

We were excited to have locals take us out to eat—they know best where to go.  We took the subway 15 minutes south of where we are, where Mr. Chung picked us up at drove another 15 minutes to their home.  Their home was really nice and we had green mango while he showed us a photo book that his daughter had given them.  It was photos from when their daughter and husband took time off to travel!  Except they went for A YEAR!!!  Boy, we were jealous.  Beautiful photos.

After that we went to dinner at a restaurant called Baan Rub Rong (8 Soi Mooban Seri Villa Srinakarin Rd).  Wow, can we say best food we’ve had in Thailand?!?!  Amazing.  Of course they took care of the ordering.  When they asked me what I wanted to drink, I said “Coke?” To which their reply was, “What? Don’t order Coke, we’ll get you a fresh coconut.”  Nice!  When it came out, it was humongous!

Bangkok Baan Rub Rong

Fresh Coconut Water

After that, it was course after course of deliciousness.  There was one dish where Mrs. Chung was like, hmm, I’m not sure if you’ll like it—it’s a bit strange.  I said, no problem, we’ll eat anything!  It turned out to be my favorite dish of the night.  It was fish paste with basil and lemongrass and chili steamed in a leaf.  Out of this world.

Bangkok Baan Rub Rong

Steamed Fish Paste in Leaf

Another favorite was the tom yum soup.  Not too exotic, but so well flavored at this restaurant.

Bangkok Baan Rub Rong

Delicious Tom Yum Soup

Mike’s favorite dish was the chicken grilled in a leaf that had a sweet flavor to it, a bit like teriyaki.

Bangkok Baan Rub Rong

Grilled Chicken in Leaf

Then came out the hugest prawn we’d ever seen!!  It was the size of a lobster.  Mrs. Chung explained that these were fresh river prawns.  They were grilled and you could taste the smokiness and it was super tender.

Bangkok Baan Rub Rong

HUGE River Prawn

We were stuffed by the time dinner was over.  The Chungs are the nicest couple and we were incredibly fortunate to have met up with them.  Thanks for the introduction Mom!

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