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There are tons of motorbike rental places in Ko Tao, so we decided one day to rent one to explore and maybe go snorkeling in some of the bays.  While we were waiting for the motorbike rental guy, a group of four girls pull up in their motorbikes.  While one of them was turning around on the sidewalk, she all of a sudden lost control and revved her bike and slammed straight into Mike and the motorbike guy!  It was INSANE!  We couldn’t believe it.  She basically ran over Mike’s foot and slammed into his knee.  He got bruised and it was sore for a day but thank god it wasn’t more serious.  We couldn’t believe that the motorbike rental guy just let her go after that.  We were so upset after that incident that we decided not to get the motorbike and just walked instead.

The walk to Jansom Bay on the southern side took us about 30 min, not too bad.  There is a really nice resort there called Charm Churee Village—where maybe we would stay if we were rich!  They have private access to Jansom Bay and you can pay 200 baht each to use their beach chairs.

Ko Tao Jansom Bay

Jansom Bay

But free to go snorkeling!  It’s nice to go snorkeling there because everywhere else on the island gets really affected by the tides and the beach outside our hotel gets really shallow.  Jansom Bay is a bit deeper, great for snorkeling.  As soon as you get in the water, all these fish already start surrounding you.

Jansom Bay - Eager Fish

We saw tons of fish and a school of needlefish that were circling around us.

Mike with Circling Needlefish

My favorite are the blue iridescent giant clams that are everywhere!  The colors are amazing.

Iridescent Giant Clam

Glowing Reef Fish

Pink Skunk Anemone Fish

Intricate Prints

After snorkeling we hiked the “Jax Trek” to several other beaches and ended up at Chowlok Bay.  The tide was really low there, so the bay itself wasn’t great, but the hike to get there was really nice.  It was so hot so we were dying by the time we were done.  Originally we were going to take a taxi back, but by the time we had a celebratory mango shake, it cooled down a bit, so we just walked back instead of paying an exorbitantly high fee for a taxi.

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