May 132012

We’ve been eating decently cheap here—usually no more than around $10 for the two of us for a meal.  With the money we saved by not going for an AC room (and also to treat ourselves for suffering through the humid heat), we had a nice dinner at Sensi Paradise, a nice resort on the southern end of Mae Head beach, south of the pier.  One of Mike’s old coworkers highly recommended the restaurant, so we decided to try it out.

Our Fancy Dinner at Sensi Paradise

We haven’t let ourselves get the fresh tiger prawns here as they run $5 a prawn!  Pricey when we’ve been paying $5 per person for dinner.  Sensi Paradise was nice, white tablecloths and all.  No breeze or fans though, so it was still stifling hot.  Mike got baked tiger prawns and I got prawns in green curry.

Baked Tiger Prawns - Great Flavor

Tiger Prawns in Green Curry

Both dishes were really good and the prawns in my curry were melt in your mouth good. =)  It was tough to stomach paying over $30 but then you put it in perspective with how much a meal costs in the US and then you don’t feel so bad.  It’s funny how quickly you’re expense tolerance adjusts to your surroundings.



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