May 082012

After twenty hours of travel, we finally arrive in Ko Tao.  Twenty hours seemed excessive, since it was only a 14 hour overnight bus ride from Bangkok to Ko Lanta.  But in order to coordinate bus and ferry times, our journey to Ko Tao from Ko Lanta turned into 3 different layovers that were about 2 hours each.  We had some time to kill in Krabi before we got on the bus to Suratthani, so we had some lunch in a cute café with A/C (!).  Our requisite drink on this trip has been mango shakes and we average 1.5 a day.  Kind of like what milk teas were to us in China.  So far Easy Café in Krabi wins for best mango shake so far. =)

Best Mango Shake!

The green curry fried rice there wasn’t bad either—good spice!

Green Curry Fried Rice

After a 3 hours bus ride from Krabi to Surratthani, we have two hours to kill before the night ferry leaves for Ko Tao.  There is a decent night market set up next to the ferry and looks like a lot of the locals eat there.  There was a nice breeze blowing and they even had a TV on, broadcasting a soccer match (with Thai announcers!).  We sat at a table and got some good cheap grub.

Surrathani Night Market

Hmm, so night ferry.  Wonder what that’s going to be like?  We have no idea whether we’ll be in seats? Beds?  The night ferry takes a whopping 7 hours to get to Ko Tao.  There is a faster express boat, but there was no way to catch it with all our transfers from Ko Lanta.  So, we walk into the ferry, and it looks like this:

Small Beds on the 7 Hour Night Ferry to Ko Tao

Ha!  Everyone gets a narrow pad on the floor and you are assigned numbers.  Mike doesn’t even fit on the pads, so his feet stick out into the walkway.  It’s pretty hot inside and we just sleep on the pads with our clothes and drape our jackets over the pillows.  Not comfortable and if you pay too much attention to the boat swaying, you’d probably make yourself sick.  There were some beds double-assigned too, but luckily there were some empty ones so everything worked out.  Whew!  We arrive at the Ko Tao pier at 6:30am, and hail a taxi to our hotel where we wait two more hours for reception to open.  So tired!  Good thing we planned on doing nothing the rest of the day!

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