May 032012

Ko Lanta’s considered one of the larger southern Thailand islands, but it’s still small enough to drive around it in a couple of hours.  We rented a motorbike from our hotel for the day and decided to explore the island.

On our Rented Motorbike

The first thing we had to do was put gas in the thing and Mike was confused since our hotel guy said you can get gas right outside.  I looked over at this stand and said I think he means this…this being a wooden stand with 1 liter glass bottles filled with gasoline.  Yep!  For 40 baht (a little over $1) a lady comes out and fills your moped tank with 1L of gasoline that they’ve bottled up themselves in glass bottles.

We drove south and stopped at Kantiang Bay for lunch.  Definitely the best beach on the island!  Soft white sand, very isolated, and a great swimming beach.  Our beach has course shells and rocks underneath which doesn’t make for great swimming.

Kantiang Bay

We grabbed a quick bite at the cute beachside restaurant called Same Same But Different.  The fried chicken and papaya salad were delicious!

Fried Chicken and Papaya Salad

After lunch, we checked out Bamboo Bay which is supposed to have snorkeling.  Nope, we swam up by the rocks and the visibility was really bad.  We asked our dive shop later and they said this time of year, it gets really sandy so there’s no good snorkeling right off the beaches.  Bummer.

We drove to Old Lanta town on the east side, which was an old Chinese trading port.  The view on the east side is stunning, with tons of islands and karst formations.  Thailand’s Andaman coast (the West side) is known for its karst formations/islands, which are essentially eroded limestone that result in jagged islands with steep drop offs.

We ended the day with another spectacular sunset from our hotel.  This time the clouds were in a fun triangle shape that reminded me of a temple.  Beautiful!

Temple Shaped Sunset




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