Apr 302012

Saturday night in Bangkok, Mike and I felt like getting some seafood, so we looked up reviews on Tripadvisor and found Samboon Seafood, which has several branches in Bangkok.  We went to the one on Surawong since it was closest to our hotel.

We got there and it was packed with Thais!  Good sign number 1.  Only a 5 minute wait and then we sat on the second floor, this place was huge—3 stories!  Samboon Seafood is known for their fried curry crab, so we ordered a small portion of the crab and a sea bass steamed with chili, lime, and garlic.

Fried Curry Crab

The fried curry crab was delicious though not what we expected at all.  It was less of a curry and more of an extremely rich crab egg sauce, not spicy at all.  Mike was eating it by the spoonful but it was too rich for me!  The guy at the table next to us told our waiter to crack some shells for us after he saw us struggling with eating the crab, haha.

Remains of our Poor Sea Bass

The steamed fish was good, but pretty mild.  We struggled between eating the fish before it got too overcooked in the platter, or letting it soak in the sauce for more flavor.

Thai Iced Coffee

Mike finished with some Thai iced coffee which was delicious.  So, all in all, it was good, but I think we probably would order something other than the fish if we came back.  There was a prawns with glass noodles dish that we had our eye on that looked good.




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