Apr 292012

Every place we visit, I snap photos that capture the everyday magic of the place.  The Annapurna Circuit trek was filled with magnificent views, but the everyday life of villagers are equally special.  Hope you enjoy!

Annapurna Yarn

Spooling Yarn from Lambswool

Mani Prayer Wall

Prayer Wall

Annapurna Cat in Window

Blue-Eyed Cat

Annapurna Dried Chili

Chilis Drying in the Sun

Annapurna Schoolchildren

On Their Way to School


Annapurna Hen and Chicks

Mama Hen

Annapurna Archery Game at Upper Pisang

Upper Pisang Villagers Playing at Archery

Annapurna Hawk

Circling Hawk

Annapurna Donkey

Porter Donkeys

Annapurna Buddhist Monk

Monk Gazing Out

Annapurna Chicken Backpack

Carrying Chickens Up the Mountain

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