Apr 292012

After 6-7 weeks of travelling, Mike and I hit a bit of traveler’s fatigue.  I don’t know what it was about the trek, but we were just done with Nepal and wanted to hit the beach!  Our flight couldn’t come soon enough.  We arrived in Bangkok late in the evening, and Mike had booked the Sheraton on cash and points for $30/night.  Score!  Our Sheraton room was like PURE LUXURY after Nepal.  A nice soft bed, water in the room, a TV, what?!  It was really nice to treat ourselves.  Like a different world.

Sunset View from our window at Bangkok Sheraton

Bangkok is really hot and humid, over 100 degrees during the day and super sticky.  Like one of my dance teachers used to say, it’s so humid, it’s like breathing in cheesecake!  Our first day in Bangkok, we had to run a few errands.  Dropped by the post office to ship home our winter clothes (goodbye!).  It was extremely easy and the Bangkok post office is so much better run than the ones we have at home!

Then we took the skytrain (Bangkok’s subway) and headed over to Central World which is an enormous 7 story shopping mall.

Deliciously Cute Candy at Central World Mall

It was nice to escape the heat in the huge, clean, A/C blessed heaven.  Every store you could possibly imagine is there.  Mike replaced his backpack with a more comfortable one and picked up some board shorts.  I got a new SD card/USB reader for my photos, and we picked up a SIM card for our phone.  We felt almost giddy being in the mall, it was ridiculous.  So we called it treating ourselves to a first world day. =)  Loving Bangkok: it’s so alive, not unlike NYC.



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