Apr 032012

Fire and Ice in Thamel was recommended to us by a couple of friends, so we decided to give it a shot tonight.  It’s an Italian place known for their pizza.  I know what you’re thinking, pizza in Nepal?! Yes, pizza in Nepal.  The food here is actually quite indistinctive, and largely influenced by its neighboring countries, India and China.  There is Tibetan food here and the most popular dish is momo, which are essentially dumplings.

So that’s how we ended up getting pizza in Nepal.  It was actually not bad!  I mean, we are kind of spoiled after NY pizza, but you know, it was good for being halfway around the world.

Kathmandu Thamel Fire and Ice Pizza

Mushroom and ham pizza - not bad!

I’ve also gotten lassi two days in a row here; it’s a yogurt type smoothie that’s delicious!

Kathmandu Thamel Fire and Ice Lassi

Enjoying my Banana Lassi

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