Apr 032012

Three whirlwind weeks in China!  We had such a good time, and definitely have a list of things we need to go back and see.

  • Total days: 21
  • Cities visited: 6
  • Average $ spent per day (lodging, food, attractions, inter-city travel): $120
  • Cities ranked in order: Huangshan, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Pingyao (Mike is the same ranking but puts Beijing in front of Shanghai)
  • Incidents of minor stomach problems: Mike -2, Chris – 1
  • Best Food: Expensive – Da Dong in Beijing ($87 for two) Cheap: Mr. Yang’s Fried Dumpling in Shanghai($5 for two)
  • Worst Food: Lunch at tourist trap place in Muslim Quarter, Xian – led astray by a fellow hostel-stayer
  • Best Lodging: Han Tang Hostel in Xian ($23/night)
  • Worst Lodging: Shi Lin Hotel on Huangshan only because of the exorbitant price ($171/night)
  • City we could have lived without: Pingyao
  • City we wished we could have added: Sichuan, or Western China provinces

Favorite photo:

Huangshan White Cloud Creek

Favorite Photo in China

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  1. Just to clarify, I had ONE minor stomach incident that lasted 2 days :). Chris is exaggerating slightly…

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